Skidoosh Kitten


My name is Marilyn Storey and I live with my adored feline family and my husband in the small market town of Guisborough, very close to the picturesque North Yorkshire Moors in the North East of England.

The Skidoosh prefix was registered with the GCCF some 30 years ago, and in my early breeding days I bred and successfully exhibited Orientals and Siamese, including Oriental blues and lilacs, having several Champions and two Grand Champions one of which was the first ever Oriental blue Grand Champion female.

Nowadays I am a specialist hobby breeder of British Shorthair silver classic tabbies and silver spotties. British SH silver tabbies are the most wonderful cats. They are lovely natured easy going felines, so loving and trusting. I now no longer need to work, so I am fortunate enough to have plenty of time to devote myself to my hobby. I love this breed, and I strive to breed the best silver tabbies that I can, with no effort or expense spared. I'm proud of my good reputation as a dedicated, caring and responsible specialist silver breeder. Enquiries are most welcome and I will always do my best to spare the time to help and advise you as best I can.

I am working with silver classic tabby and silver spotty cats from top quality old established silver bloodlines, my cats and kittens having the very best of silver pedigrees. My breeding cats are tested negative for FeLV, FIV, and I strive to maintain zero titre status for Corona virus too within my household.